About Us


Who We Serve

Anyone who loves coffee of course!  And now proudly serving the United States Armed Forces!


What We Do

We roast coffee!  We are a coffee roastery after all.  And we take pride in our roasting process and selection of specialty beans.  As a small business, it is our mission to produce and provide high quality coffee, and that involves several things.  First we source and select premium/specialty green coffee beans from all over the world.  This will be an ever growing and evolving endeavor as there is wonderful coffee from many different countries with a monumental range of flavors and aromas.  This process cannot be overlooked and it is important we know and trust the importers and farmers we work with.  Once we determine our green coffee selections, we painstakingly develop roast profiles to bring out the inherent flavors that each country, region, farm, and coffee brings to the table.

Our process is aimed to bring out the natural aromas, acidity, and delectable flavors of each coffee.  Once we've landed on the perfect roast profile, our Loring S15 Falcon air roaster (a fine piece of machinery) which automates the subtleties of the roasting process with precision.  That means we can match time, temperature, agitation, and airflow to ensure even roasting with impeccable consistency.  Our focus is on providing the same great taste in every single roast. 

To further ensure we are providing the finest products, each roast is quality tested in our cupping lab to ensure we match aroma, acidity, flavor, body and balance across all our great coffees.

Of course freshness is key!  No Coast air roasts regularly guaranteeing fresh coffee delivered direct to your door.  Each bag includes a roast date so you know exactly when our coffee was roasted and packaged.  Coffee degrades over time and gradually loses quality and flavor, which is why we do not store large quantities on storage shelves for months on end.  We deliver fresh each and every time.

On top of everything, we are always looking at ways to give back to our community and opportunities to partner with fantastic local businesses.  Want to collaborate?  Contact us at social@nocoastroast.com


    Our Values


    • hon·es·ty | \ ˈä-nə-stē
    • noun. fairness and straightforwardness of conduct

    We are Midwestern through and through.  We believe in integrity.  Do as we say, say as we do.


    • hu·mil·i·ty | h)yo͞oˈmilədē/
    • noun. a modest view of one's own importance; humbleness

    "Have more humility. Remember you don't know the limits of your own abilities. Successful or not, if you keep pushing beyond yourself, you will enrich your own life--and maybe even please a few strangers." -A.L. Kennedy


    • qual·i·ty | \ ˈkwä-lə-tē
    • noun. degree of excellence / the attribute of an elementary sensation that makes it fundamentally unlike any other sensation

    Quality is key.  You want what you want and want what you like, that same great taste time and time again.


    Our Motto

    'Elevate the Everyday'

    Aimed to inspire you, to be the best you, everyday.


    About Us

    Hi, I'm Max Bellmann, Owner & Founder of No Coast Coffee Roasters.  As an avid traveler I've enjoyed coffee all over the world... whether it's a simple cup of coffee at my kitchen table in Kansas City, a café au lait in Paris, a cortado in Madrid, a cafezinho in Rio, or an espresso in Tokyo.  One thing that remains constant, is an appreciation for coffee.  As a KC native, I strive to bring better coffee to those willing to try something new.  It's my aim to blend Midwestern values with my passion for coffee.  I roast coffee because I love it. I love coffee, the industry, the people, and the culture.  I strive to provide wonderfully tasty and fresh roasted coffee to everyone looking to Elevate the Everyday.